Lionsgate TV Mars One Reality Series


Lionsgate TV has teamed with Mars One for an unscripted TV series that will chronicle a group during their training to be sent on a one-way trip to Mars, in their attempt to establish the first human settlement. The untitled project, in the social experiment genre, will be shopped to networks shortly. Lionsgate TV is expected to start its own casting search, with the two selection processes ultimately merged.

Candidates for the mission will be followed during their preparation for the mission, from selection to training, with new candidates brought in as necessary. “This is a social experiment that focuses on the people that would sign for something like this — they have to agree to participate and be willing to go on a one-way mission, knowing that if you go, you can never come back,” said Roy Bank, who is producing the project as part of his overall deal with Lionsgate TV.

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