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Pat Rawlings Image Gallery on the Mars Society’s Website

These paintings of Mars exploration by Pat Rawlings have been made
available by the artist to Mars Society members and chapters for free use in
producing charts and slides for public presentations. Those wishing to use
the art in commercial media, including magazines, film, and television, should
contact Pat Rawlings at

“Distant Shores”

“After driving a short distance from their Ganges Chasma landing site, two
explorers stop to inspect a robotic lander and its small rover. This stop also
allows the crew to check out the life support systems of their rover and
spacesuits while still within walking distance of the base.”

“Hard Science”

“Two kilometers above the lava flows of Mars’ Tharsis Bulge, a geologist
collects samples from the eastern cliff face at the base of Olympus Mons. To
understand the evolution of this Arizona-sized volcano, the scientist
investigates the layers of hardened lava that make up the massive feature.
The block-like nature of the rock face, caused by columnar jointing, is similar
to features on Earth such as The Devil’s Tower in Wyoming.”

“Another North Pole”

“Like the layers of a carrot cake, centuries of hot and cold seasons have left
Mars’ polar cap with alternating bands of white ice and red dust. Massive
icicles can also be found along the rims of thermally etched canyons.”

Pat’s personal website is at this url:

His entire gallery of images available for the promotion of the Mars Society’s
endeavors can be seen here: