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Wikipedia Article on "Mars to Stay" one-way Mars mission plans and a new Twitter hashtag: #UpUrsCowards! >: P

Published an article on “Mars to Stay” one-way Mars missions for pioneering settlers live on Wikipedia. Of course you are welcome to edit and improve the post, please do so here:

Advancing one-way mission architectures as possible, pragmatic, and even ideal serves to make the eventual settlement of Mars that much more conceivable when only traditional round-trip research missions are proposed. We need to create an institutional culture at NASA which considers long-term multi-decade pioneering missions by married child-bearing couples as the norm in long-distance space travel. The days of Flags-and-Footprints followed by regression into multi-decade lulls are over. Tremendous resources humanity has to allocated to NASA for space exploration are not intended to catapult a select few into a lifetime of black-tie dinners and speaking retreats on Maui. The purpose of human space exploration is to develop space-based resources, increase our understanding of nature, and settle the solar system. Traitors return to Earth.

(On a separate note: for those of you following this blog anonymously you show up as followers under certain settings of Google’s Profile ID. Hope you find such a bug humorous. Actually, there is a new Twitter hashtag which will enable you to track posts to this blog, created just for you: #UpUrsCowards )