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Mars Society Convention

Please tell friends, students, relatives – anyone you may know in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana or within driving distance of Dallas to check out the Mars Society’s Conference from Thursday through the weekend. “Get in the car and drive over.” Single day tickets are available; events run from early morning thru parties late into the night.

Attending can be less expensive than everyday costs of staying home: student discounts are available; free brunch will be served; a lounge area will serve snacks and hold evening parties – crash in the lobby, your car, or a friend’s room.  Ask relatives and friends to donate air miles; take a bus or shuttle from the airport to the hotel. Put your brain at the conference and enjoy sharing ideas about Humans to Mars.

THE MARS SOCIETY INVITES YOU to attend the 14th Annual International Mars Society Convention in Dallas, Texas.  The Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area, as well as the State of Texas, are considered by many the heart of the aerospace industry in the United States.  Lockheed-Martin, maker of the F-16, F-22 and F-35 fighter jets, is headquartered in Fort Worth, while Bell Helicopter is located in the DFW area.  SpaceX’s McGregor propulsion test grounds is a short drive south of DFW, and NASA’s famed Houston Space Center is also a few hours driving from the DFW metropolitan area.

Update (coverage from the Dallas Star-Telegram):

“The Mars Society, founded in 1998, isn’t made up people dressed up like Star Trek officers or aliens. They’re physics teachers, scientists and engineers. While they talk about the ethics and religious meanings of interplanetary travel, they’re also practical. Society members examine means of propulsion and train crews to live and work in Mars-like environments in far-flung regions of the Arctic as well as Utah, with some cooperation from NASA.”