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Advertising Subsidized ARKYD (unofficial mockup)


High Res:

Above is a textured mockup of an ARKYD partially funded by sponsors with demonstrated
interest in space exploration. The base model itself was rendered and provided by Planetary
Resources (see references and files below). This concept is not officially sanctioned by Planetary
Resources. Sponsors for the most part would not be visible in selfies or of course during flight –
but, could profit from worldwide exposure through pre-launch publicity.
planetary123.jpg o-CROWD-FUNDED-TELESCOPE-ARKYD-facebook


ARKYD-View2 90dc266d6e2628d575e18b46fb0f7d67_large Arkyd-100 Arkyd-publically-accessable-space-telescope-3video-249723-h264_highArkyd_100_preview_featuredplanetary-resource-telescope-photograbarkydplanetary-resources-kickstarter-9planetary-resources-kickstarter


Atomic Ginger: “Asteroids and You!”

“…the unknown…”

“Gold will be worthless in the future, it will be used for trinkets and tissue paper
and novelty soaps!”
“That sure is a funny lookin’ moon!”
“Inside every asteroid nougat there’s a creamy center filled with wondrous delights!”