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Themed Airline Wraps

Examples for advertising subsidized space exploration via:


“Japanese airline, All Nippon Airways, has been decorating it’s planes with the characters from Pokemon ever since 1998
to promote Japanese culture. Nicknamed the Pokemon Jets, the airline has six of them which are still in use today. It’s not
just the outside that is decorated though, even cabin, headrests, uniforms, food containers and souvenir bags are decorated
in Pokemon designs to make the experience a little bit more special.”


“South African airline, Kulula Airlines was more than creative with this paint job. The plane is decorated with labels that
describe the various parts of the plane and gives a brief description for what they’re used for. The airline did this to raise
awareness of some of the unknowns of aviation and to also raise awareness of air safety.”


“Alaska Air brought out a plane called the “Salmon-Thirty-Salmon” in 2005 (that’s a play on words for 737 which is
the type of plane the airline decorated, a Boeing 737). It was done to celebrate the airlines unique relationship
with the people and communities of Alaska and to also promote the state’s seafood industry. The plane was unfortunately
repainted in 2011 to the dismay of many and after a year long outcry, the airline brought back the paint job in 2012.”


“Nok Air is an airline from Thailand. Nok is the Thai word for bird so in English the name can literally be translated into “Bird Air”.
To play homage to it’s name, all of it’s aircraft are painted to look like colorful birds. The beak is painted on the nose of the
plane and the rest of the plane is painted in many different designs and colors to make up the feathers.”


“Swiss Air unveiled a San Francisco themed plane job to celebrate the launch of its non-stop flight from Zurich to San Francisco.
The flower power design includes peace symbols, music notes, love hearts and words painted in hippy like fonts and colors.
It took eight people, three days to paint the aircraft.”


“In 2007, to celebrate 20 years of flying to China from Japan, All Nippon Airlines painted one of it’s planes as a Panda,
one of China’s national symbols. It’s still in service today and is appropriately called the “Fly Panda”.”


“Air New Zealand makes another appearance on this list. To celebrate the release of The Hobbit and to promote the
country’s film and tourism industry, the airline painted one of its planes with the characters from the film. Even a specially
made safety video was filmed using the Hobbit characters for this plane.”


“Japan Airlines has been the official partner of Disneyland Tokyo and Tokyo DisneySea Waterpark ever since they opened.
Characters such as Micky Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy grace many of the planes the airline has decorated.
Japan Airlines announced that they plan to paint six more planes in the future for Disney.”


“Etihad Airways were the official sponsors for the Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix back in 2009. To do their part in
the sponsorship, Etihad decided to decorate one of its planes in the traditional colors of Formula 1 which are red,
black and white with the tail painted to look like a chequered flag.”


“Qantas decided to show off its countries aboriginal culture and heritage by painting its planes in traditional Aboriginal art.
The first plane was painted in 1994 and 3 more have been painted since. A team of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal artists
helped to create its extremely colorful designs.”


“To celebrate its sponsorship for the New Zealand All Blacks, Air New Zealand turned one of it’s planes quite literally all black,
with the trademark silver fern logo painted at the end of the plane. Since 2011 they have six planes painted black which
are still in service today.”


“Yes we know, it’s not a plane, it’s a Concorde! Often seen as a huge feat in modern aviation, the Concorde hasn’t been
short of amazing paint jobs. In 1996 Pepsi went through a re-brand and teamed up with Air France to promote themselves.
The entire Concorde was painted blue and proudly showed off the new Pepsi logo until it was changed in 2003.


“Virgin Atlantic is famous for its trademark flying ladies that include Lady Penelope, Lady Luck, Tinker Belle, Barbarella,
Diana, Cosmic Girl and Scarlet Lady. Back in 2010 however, to celebrated 10 years of services from Las Vegas to London,
Virgin decided to paint Dita Von Teese onto the plane.”


“In 2005, Malaysia Airways decorated two of it’s Boeing 747′s with exotic designs based on red Hibiscus flowers.
This was done because the Hibiscus flowers are the national flowers of Malaysia. Unfortunately the planes were
repainted back to their old schemes in 2008 meaning that this awesome design doesn’t exist anymore.”


“This one is for the lads! Back in 2009, supermodel Bar Rafaeli celebrated, landing on the cover of Sports Illustrated
annual swimsuit issue, by having herself painted onto a South West Airlines plane……in nothing but her bikini. The plane
carried the sexy image from New York to Las Vegas until the airline repainted the plane later on in the year.”


“In 2006, U.S Airways played homage to the Arizona Cardinals by painting it’s trademark red bird logo along both sides
of the plane. Looks pretty cool huh?”


“The short lived airline, Western Pacific decided to paint one of their planes with The Simpsons in 1995 as part of the
many advertisements that were painted on their planes. Together Bart, Homer, Lisa and Marge graced the sides
of the plane until the airline went bankrupt in 1998.”


“Germany held the World Cup in 2006 and Lufthansa decided to do their bit…by simply painting a football onto the
nose of the plane. Luftansa did this to 40 of its fleet.”

Boeing: “Projection Spectacular”


In July 2016 The Boeing Company celebrated its 100th year in business. As part of the
commemoration, a one-of-a-kind light show was projected onto a 747 airplane and was
debuted in front of nearly 100,000 employees, retirees and their families. The show includes
historic photos, videos and animations and a tribute to the more than a million men and
women who created this proud legacy. It is also intended to inspire those who will define
Boeing’s second century. This amazing The show highlights the countless ways in which the
company has led the aerospace and aviation industries and connected the world.

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