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Marsonauts & The Autumn Society "Exploring Mars Coloring Book" (Full Release)

 Mark Wojtko / Anita Mejia


Autumn Society + Cartoon Network Illustrators + The Mars Society = Inspiring Outreach Coloring Book for Kids! Woohoo!!

Philadelphia’s Autumn Society have joined forces with the Mars Society to present Exploring
, a scientifically literate children’s coloring book featuring the bright red planet and possible
future home. The cover featured above was printed locally in Dayton, Ohio just prior to the 13th
Annual International Mars Society Convention…an ISBN# and Amazon listing will be ready soon.
Special congratulations to Mars Society Executive Director Lucinda Land and Joseph Game
(Cartoon Network producer; ) for bringing this thoroughly professional
outreach project to fruition in only a few months. Standby for many sequels.
Participating Illustrators:
Lawrence Hugh Burns
Mark Wojtko
Steve Streisguth
The Autumn Society is a collective of Illustrators from around the world. From art galleries, art books, to fundraisers, the Autumn Society offers creative solutions to creative needs. For more information, see:
Chogrin (Joseph Game), the project organizer, had this to say, “Our Space program has been on hold for almost 30 years. Our last steps on the moon were in 1972. As a generation I feel, we should aim for more and achieve almost anything as many aspired to do much strongly decades ago. Anyways I just wanted to share this with you, for I feel it is important for us, our future, and our survival. With our art and visions we could inspire ourselves & future generations to go beyond anything we can imagine.”  “This animation was inspired by reading many books by Robert Zubrin, specifically, The Case for Mars, which contains a beautiful quote by Italian Philosopher Giordano Bruno. And so inspired by these great ideas and dreams of someday terraforming Mars and making it our second home, I made a short video, using my Illustration and the beautiful track, “108 the boat”, by the amazing Ambassador Etc.”  Chogrin