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“Barbie I Can Be… dolls and accessories let girls play out different roles and “try on” fabulous careers, including astronaut. Always a pioneer, Barbie doll is ready for her thrilling mission to Mars in a stylish and functional suit — sure to dazzle any alien life form she encounters! The sleek, white jumpsuit is decorated with metallic pink accents and a Barbie logo in black. Plus, she comes with all the necessary accessories — large boots, air tank, and helmet with clear visor — for outta-this-world adventures and explorations! ”


Bob Zubrin on ‘Mars to Stay’ at the 2013 International Mars Society Convention

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“The idea of a one way mission, that, you know, you go to Mars, spend two years there, then have a suicide pill – or you go there at age 65 live for twenty years and then check out – no. That is not attractive. But what is very attractive is the idea of the “Normandy Beach Approach” – which is, you go to Mars, one way, not with the intent of dying there – but with the intent of living there. You take the beach. You send, you send people there not with the intent of abandoning there but with the intent of joining them there with more people more equipment more supplies more of everything. You back them up and you take the planet. And, um, that’s the proper concept for a one way mission – and if you’re prepared to do that, then that is the most efficient mission by far.”

Steve Burg: “Mars Settlement”, “Fusion Craft”, and Fun Sketches


“I worked on this film over 2 years ago, but now that it’s out and the dust is settling I can post a
few of those images from the early development of the project.
These views show Weyland’s headquarters on Mars. As with much of the concept work, this
image was created entirely in 3D – and it is seen as a background in a briefing aboard the ship.”

“Fantasy is great, but what will real spaceships look like? That’s what I was aiming for when
producing these images – the proverbial “serious spaceship” design…
 If we ever want to go anywhere farther than our own moon, we’re going to have to get serious
about propulsion! A nuclear fusion powered craft is what you really want for traveling around
the solar system in a reasonable amount of time (weeks as opposed to years)”