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Thirty nine minutes eight seconds of Gwynne! Yes please : )

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“There is not a business case, right now, for Mars – let’s be clear…there is no busi – Mars isn’t gonna pay me. I mean, I’ll get paid to take robotic spacecraft – to Mars – um, but there is no business case on Mars – it’s not, it’s not really, well it’s not at all why we’re doing this. Um…I don’t – I can’t think of another thing that would be as important as promoting humanity beyond one location – we’re a single point failure…right? And there is no question that something dramatic is gonna happen here on Earth. I’m not saying it’s next week, not next year, probably not within the next hundred years, maybe not within the next thousand years – but, I’m pretty sure something terrible is gonna happen, on Earth, and if this is the only place we have, then we’re done, so… -Cause how boring. You know? If this is it. I just can’t believe that this is it. I don’t think that this is it. We’ve gotta go somewhere else.”