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Bryan Versteeg: BFS/ITS


“Yesterday, Elon Musk presented his roadmap to Mars settlement and the scale of it is astounding. Mind boggling. I have been working on “outposts” for 8-12 people for over a decade because I believed that that was a reasonable size for another generation. This image hints at how comically insufficient my infrastructure would be to support hundreds of people arriving at a time. I literally have to multiply everything by hundreds. Expect entirely new cities from me in the coming months.”

Deep Space Industries "Our Future is Amazing" (Promotional Animations by Bryan Versteeg)

“Deep Space is a new kind of company with a new kind of plan.”
“We don’t build rockets, we don’t do astronomy, we are explorers, harvesters, makers, and suppliers.”
“As they say, timing is everything, and for space, right now is that time.”
“In fact, some of the planet’s most successful people are placing their bets on this new frontier.”
“The resources in space will lead to…”
“…a renaissance.”
 “…both in space and back here on our precious Mother Earth.”
“We will be the gas station, the oasis, for air and water.”
“And the building supply center for the frontier.”
“The goal is a better future for all of us through space resources.”
“When the first asteroid is mined, Deep Space will be there.”
“When the first power plants come on line, Deep Space will be there.”
“When the first space colonies are built…”
“…Deep Space will be there.”
“We can have an amazing…”
“We are Deep Space.”
“The frontier is coming. And our time is now.”

“Right now the best way for everyone to get involved is to share our vision with others.
Surprisingly there are a lot of people out there who have lost touch with a fundamental human
condition…PROGRESS; a forward or onward movement: a royal journey marked by pomp and
pageant: gradual betterment; especially for the progressive development of humankind! All of
you are here today because you have NOT lost touch with this desire, and you leap at the
chance to express it! There are hundreds of articles in circulation right now about DSi and there
are many people out there who are unable or unwilling to understand the magnitude of what
we have just shared with the world. So our challenge to you is to take that spark and share it
with those who have lost theirs, be our voice and fight for our cause!

“You are here to enable the divine purpose of the universe to unfold.
That is how important you are!”
Eckhart Tolle

Bryan Versteeg:

Bryan Versteeg has worked for over 20 years in the graphics industry and specifically the last 15
years working as a conceptual artist in the architectural and engineering field.

He has run his own studio for the last 6 years and in 2011 started to focus on
conceptual visualizations for space exploration. Bryan is responsible for all the beautiful
animations and illustrations on the Mars One website.