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Extraordinary Cassini Composition by Chris Abbas

(click on “vimeo” in the lower right of the player above for best resolution)

Director Chris Abbas from and Digital Kitchen  created a remarkable video using individual single frame still images downloaded from the web for free. It has nothing to do with Mars but is still the most heroic work of art inspired by space in ages.

This video is created from free still images taken by the Cassini Saturn orbiter. Chris downloaded them directly from JPL’s Cassini Solstice Mission website. He used off the shelf standard compositing software and did not ask JPL or anyone associated with Cassini for guidance or ‘permission’ (unrequired). The first time those involved with the mission learned of his video was a few days prior to this post. Amazing. Heroic. A testament to individual artistic vision. Congratulations Chris this is by far the most inspiring video seen in a long time.