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Steve Burg: “Mars Settlement”, “Fusion Craft”, and Fun Sketches


“I worked on this film over 2 years ago, but now that it’s out and the dust is settling I can post a
few of those images from the early development of the project.
These views show Weyland’s headquarters on Mars. As with much of the concept work, this
image was created entirely in 3D – and it is seen as a background in a briefing aboard the ship.”

“Fantasy is great, but what will real spaceships look like? That’s what I was aiming for when
producing these images – the proverbial “serious spaceship” design…
 If we ever want to go anywhere farther than our own moon, we’re going to have to get serious
about propulsion! A nuclear fusion powered craft is what you really want for traveling around
the solar system in a reasonable amount of time (weeks as opposed to years)”