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References: LEMUR Robots

“The assembly, inspection, and maintenance requirements of permanent installations in space demand robots that provide a high level of operational flexibility relative to mass and volume. Such demands point to robots that are dexterous, have significant processing and sensing capabilities, and can be easily reconfigured — both physically and algorithmically. The LEMURs (Limbed Excursion Mechanical Utility Robots) are designed to address these challenges.”

Say Hello to ‘Cynthia,’ Feminine Robonaut with Attitude (by Ikan Loring)

Why do current robonauts look like adolescent dreams of a personal Boba Fett? Meet Cynthia, another variation of an adolescent’s dream. With a synthetic boa and pimped-out hat for character not only would a robonaut with breasts provide more room for tools, sensors, and batteries, but the whole shebang could be more fun (for most of us, to an extent) — and, who knows, maybe encourage more real breasts to go to space.  
Concept by Ikan Loring, digital artist ILM (thanks for including our logo!)