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James Cameron "Aliens of the Deep"

. “That party’s been join’ on down there for a billion years – and its going to be going on for the next billion years. They’re just doing their thing – it’s got nothing to do with us, the sun could go out tomorrow – and they wouldn’t know and they wouldn’t care.”
“These microbes go far beyond anything our imagination might conceive of, back, when we were studying where we might find life.”

“So you know when you’re little and used to play that you were in a submarine? That was this. Way better than a cardboard box.”

“You’re in the world’s best spacecraft to explore this planet. [Eartth’s ocean]”

“Let’s say that my kind of Modified Drake’s Equation, says that life was possible on any planet any distance from the sun or not even anywhere near a sun or any planetary-like body, like a moon of Jupiter or whatever, that had ice around it. Okay. And had some kind of tidal pumping from some kind tidal pumping from some kind of gravity source near it, so that it had a liquid core, so that it would generate heat – and it was making heat like these thermal vents that we’re seeing. And if we said that there were ten or twenty or maybe fifty times as many worlds – like that. Isn’t it likely to assume, that when we get a call from one of your buddies – out there – when Setti Institute finally picks up a signal, it’s going to be coming from somebody who had to bore up through ice. And set their transmitter out on the ice. Statistically – isn’t that indicated by what we’re, what we’re talking about here.”

Europa’s Surface Exchange with Underground Ocean

“Chloride salts bubble up from Europa’s liquid ocean and reach the frozen surface where they
are bombarded with sulfur from volcanoes on Jupiter’s innermost large moon Io. This
illustration of Europa (foreground), Jupiter (right) and Io (middle) is an artist’s concept.
Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

“Magnesium should not be on the surface of Europa unless it’s coming from the ocean,” Brown
says. “So that means ocean water gets onto the surface, and stuff on the surface presumably
gets into the ocean water.”

“The finding suggests there is a chemical exchange between the ocean and surface, making the
ocean a richer chemical environment. This exchange, Brown said, “means that energy might be
going into the ocean, which is important in terms of the possibilities for life there. It also means
that if you’d like to know what’s in the ocean, you can just go to the surface and
scrape some off.'”