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Hasraf Dulull: "Project Kronos" (Misleading Premise, Dated Aesthetics – but NOT Dystopian!)

Leonardo Da Vinci-esque sketch of ‘Brain in a Can’Literally…the brain……going into the can……something dark and foreboding……more dark and foreboding…(because it’s sci-fi)…That’s it. Kid you not: the brain in a can……Zero G Brain-in-a-Can..…Brain-in-a-Can on shuttle [had to use free NASA footage but…]…Brain-in-a-Can again…closeup……launched by hand from the shuttle…seriously……memory of brain now canned……second generation brain…(improved can)……institutionalized nuttiness……future people in future white labs with future white coats…like all future people……and their odd distracting pointless graphics……guilty but paroled…thanks for at least not making space ‘a problem’……hundreds of “Kronos Spheres” sent out yonder……the end.

Misleading nuttiness: interstellar contact in 100 yrs, human ‘memories’ sent back in 15…why not a pure robot? Or 100 year starship? Why would a ‘person’ want to travel alone in a can for 115 years???

Redemption: the aliens at least seem positive and inviting…(if they are still alive)…apparently they didn’t want to open the brain in a can for breakfast. Dialogue was unimaginative in the extreme…hire science literate writers please.

Artists responsible for CG (nice site, considerably better than film):

"Overview" and "Continuum" by Planetary Collective

The Overview Effect, first described by author Frank White in 1987, is an experience some claim “transforms an astronauts’ perspective of the planet and mankind’s place upon it”. Common features of the supposed experience are described as a feeling of awe for the planet, a profound understanding of the interconnection of all life, and a renewed sense of responsibility for taking care of the environment.

‘Overview’ is a short film that explores this phenomenon through interviews with five astronauts who have experienced the Overview Effect. The film also features insights from commentators and thinkers on the wider implications and importance of this understanding for society, and our relationship to the environment.

The trailer for the feature film CONTINUUM:

Planetary Collective:
Overview Microsite:
Human Suits (original score):

For more information:
The Overview Institute:
Fragile Oasis:

• EDGAR MITCHELL – Apollo 14 astronaut and founder of the Institute of Noetic Sciences
• RON GARAN – ISS astronaut and founder of humanitarian organization Fragile Oasis
• NICOLE STOTT – Shuttle and ISS astronaut and member of Fragile Oasis
• JEFF HOFFMAN – Shuttle astronaut and senior lecturer at MIT
• SHANE KIMBROUGH – Shuttle/ISS astronaut and Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army
• FRANK WHITE – space theorist and author of the book ‘The Overview Effect’
• DAVID LOY- philosopher and author
• DAVID BEAVER – philosopher and co-founder of The Overview Institute
Director: GUY REID
Director of Photography: CHRISTOPHER FERSTAD
Original Score: HUMAN SUITS
Filmed with Canon 5D Mk ii.
Additional footage from NASA / ESA archives

Depicting Earth Coordination Rooms

Hopefully we will move away from referring to space travel as “missions” and Earth-based facilitators as “Control”, but in any case, these are such real and depicted facilities (…speaking of which it’s about time people who travel, tour, or work in space are referred to as “people or person or folks or guy or girl” rather than corny “astronauts” right?…let’s make space commonplace…isn’t everyone an astronaut nowadays?)


JPL Curiosity
Apollo 13

Defying Gravity: 6 years, 7 planets, 8 astronauts. Grand tour of the Solar System

Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 3.56.33 PM

Angry On-The-Nose Control Freak in Uniform

Lemme go out I can lead them in.

Negative. You will not leave the lander. I’m overriding
your launch controls. Did you close that valve?

Just give ‘em two minutes, Mike.

You don’t have two minutes. You will die, the mission
will fail. I want that lander off the planet now.

Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 3.28.47 PM Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 3.28.06 PM Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 3.37.43 PM

This one hears her aborted child…

Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 4.28.33 PM


Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 3.32.41 PM

“How do you do this all the time? This one is particularly disgusting.”

Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 4.22.41 PM Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 4.33.47 PM

This guy tested the most stable of the whole program.
Does anyone know if Hindus commit suicide?

No, they don’t – at least I don’t think they do.

What’s he doing?

Putting himself in orbit.

Well wherever he’s going I hope he makes it.

I’ll go out. I can go out and get him.

Yeah, Mike, let her go.

Negative. I’ll eat the loss of an EVA suit. I
can’t afford to lose another crew member.
You and Shaw ship out in two hours. Get
your ass in gear.

That’s it?

That’s what.

You’re just going to let him die?


Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 4.00.45 PM Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 3.58.47 PM Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 4.01.35 PM Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 3.57.25 PM Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 3.50.34 PM Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 4.30.44 PM Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 4.19.19 PM Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 3.48.12 PM Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 4.29.18 PM


Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 4.39.53 PM Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 4.23.48 PM Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 4.34.29 PM Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 4.35.12 PM Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 4.19.52 PM Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 4.35.27 PM Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 4.31.18 PM Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 3.47.17 PM Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 3.49.39 PM Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 4.34.53 PM Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 3.40.07 PM Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 3.58.03 PM Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 4.24.56 PM

io9 Article on Space Themed Storytelling

io9, a daily publication that covers science, science fiction, and the future has published a fun thought provoking article on space themed storytelling. 
(Please click through to read the article in full.)

Why Adding “In Space” Makes It Better

Everybody always says that every story idea has been done before – which is totally not true, because nobody’s done a “nuns raise an ostrich to be the perfect killer” story before. But even if a story idea has been done to death, you can always make it fresh and brilliant all over again, by adding just two little words: “in space.”
Science fiction fans have known this forever, but it’s time that everybody was told. There is no genre, no type of story, no set of story beats, that cannot be improved by adding “in space.” It bears the same relation to storytelling that “in bed” does to fortune cookies. And we’ve got the proof, right here.

"A Century of Mars in the Movies," by Gerry Williams, presented during Mars Movie Night at the 13th Annual International Mars Society Conference 2010

The Mars Artists’ YouTube Channel now hosts the entire Mars Movie Night from the 13th Annual International Mars Society Conference (in 12 parts), Gerry Williams, creator of the