NASA Astronaut Dr. Rick Linnehan: Mars to Stay


Linnehan: I’d love to be one of the first to go to Mars. I’d be first in line, even if it was a one-way trip, I’d sign up. And I know there’re a lot of people like that out there – the Mars One Project and otherwise. And I think that it will take that kind of passion and interest to make that happen.

David Livingston: So you would sign up for a one way trip?

Linnehan: Oh yeah, no question. -I’m not saying the one way trip would end right away but I mean people at some point are going to have to colonize. And you know, the first people up there aren’t probably coming back. So, you know, if you want – if you want to be in on the early race so to speak – and be the people who go up there and try to make something of a colony, you’re gonna be up there probably for your duration.

David Livingston: It would be quite an adventure to say the least.

The Space Show, 8-22-14