Gwynne Shotwell and Franklin Leonard talk creativity

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 12.50.35 AMKai Ryssdal: These guys have checklists – I mean they are engineers, so, they think like “this”…does that impede you as you get them to think, listen, we need to figure out a way to…ah…make this rocket forty seven pounds lighter?

Gwynne: Actually engineers are incredibly creative people. I mean that’s what engineering is.


Kai Ryssdal: There you go. That’ll show me.

Gwynne: We have a house full of engineers, how awesome. I don’t feel like I’ve ever had to push my team to think of bigger and better things – that’s kinda what they do naturally. Engineers are driven to do things better. Really to the point of being annoying a lot of times actually.

Kai Ryssdal: [giggles]: I’m not hearing a lot of applause for that by the way.