#MarsWalk: Steps to Participate


“You’ve safely landed on Mars and want to make a grand entrance on the Red Planet. The Moon Walk doesn’t fit for Mars, so what do you do? You join us in the #MarsWalk. As Orion takes its first step on the journey to Mars in December with Exploration Flight Test-1, Lockheed Martin wants to see what your first steps on Mars would be – and be creative! Go solo or grab backup dancers, blast your favorite song and record your best dance moves!

Now, upload your Mars moves to Instagram using the hashtag #MarsWalk. Don’t have an Instagram, but still want to share your video? Participate by including the hashtag #MarsWalk with your video on all your social channels. We will feature ‘The Best of the Week’ Mars Walk video – so get down and upload your best Mars moves.”

Quick Steps to Participate:

  • Put on your favorite tune, whip out your best dance moves and film your version of the Mars Walk.
  • Upload your video on one of your social media channels with the hashtag #MarsWalk and be sure to mention @LockheedMartin so we can check it out!
  • We’ll select the most creative Mars Walk video and post it as ‘The Best of the Week’ – so don’t forget to check back in with us!
  • Two left feet? That’s okay! You can spread the word by including #MarsWalk on all your social interactions.