The Artist Shrox (Douglas Shrock) “Mars Awaits” 2015 Calendar

“The “Mars Awaits” calendar features 13 pieces of artwork depicting future exploration of Mars by the artist Douglas Shrock. Some of the images were done for NASA, the cover will be a surprise…”

“The calendar is laid out as a 12″ x 24” wall display and will show twelve Mars artworks, one for each month, plus a new piece for the cover. It will be printed on quality coated paper, using “green printing” sources and methods.”


1196d82f178e8defb1886ba468a8096b_large adf7274237e7875aacb056553db4d8a0_large 688fa5484829cbe6566177fcc9744989_large cd266c6d39d4624243110f1817743602_large 3c1cf42ffde8d7542e191ff7db1ab6aa_large 221bacbba761fe2c9aabb35a014e209c_large 9f9a6a4dbdf21025abef7302ef26b05f_large 18d61887d195ad5326ddf9c4a02038da_large 8ba80119cb9937d8fc909fdfe20512ae_large 3001ff119cddede057db1ca1e4821f35_large contains a gallery of more images and animations