Inspiration Mars Panel at Explore Mars H2M Conference

.@inspirationmars Dennis Tito walks over to poster that says “Humans to Mars in 2030” and says I cannot wait until then.#H2M
— NASA Watch (@NASAWatch) May 8, 2013

Additional videos will be posted as they are archived here:

Unrelated to Inspiration Mars but piquant NASA-Watch observations, charming per usual:

#H2M summary: choir practice. 99.99% of America will never know what happened here. Sad. Space ppl need to work on relevance/outreach. #NASA
— NASA Watch (@NASAWatch) May 8, 2013

“Its whiter than a republican convention up here” notes one audience member. How to expand inclusiveness? #H2M
— NASA Watch (@NASAWatch) May 8, 2013