Great Work by Cody Edwards: Mars Society Conference Poster 2013

Mars Society Press Release:

“As part of the planning for the 16th Annual International Mars Society Convention, a contest was held to invite designs for the primary poster to represent the convention and its two main themes – ‘Finding Life on Mars’ and ‘Bringing Life to Mars.’

After reviewing more than a dozen submissions, the Mars Society’s contest committee is pleased to announce that the winner of the 2013 Mars Society Poster Contest is Cody Edwards of North Carolina.

“We were very pleased with Cody’s creativity, including the incorporation of a magnifying glass, representing the ongoing search for life on Mars, into the design of his poster,” said Michael Stoltz, Director of Media & Public Relations for the Mars Society.

The Mars Society would also like to recognize four of the participating designers for special honorable mention – Ludovic Celle of France, the Dallas Mars Society chapter, Mark Eberhardt of New York and Katarina Eriksson of Sweden.

In addition, the organization wishes to express its appreciation to all the other digital artists who submitted posters to the annual contest.”

To view a PDF version of the poster, please click here.