Peter’s Abundance Espresso Shots

“You see doing anything big and significant in the world requires passion. At the end of the day it’s your passion and how you convey that is going to have someone invest your time money and resources in you. Also, doing anything bold in the world is going to take time. And at two o’clock in the morning, literally, if you’re doing it for somebody else: for your parents, for your business partner – not for you and your heart, you’re going to give up, before it is done.

Literally for success you have to figure out what you would do whether someone pays you or not. So the question is how do you find that? What is it that’s going to allow you to find and drive your passion.

So I’ve come up with two ideas I’m going to share with you. Number one: what did you want to do as a kid, what did you love to do as a child, because literally you can make a career out of anything.

The second idea is: you have a billion dollars. You don’t have to work again, you have to spend this billion dollars to make the most important valuable impact on the planet. Where would you spend it? What would you do with that money? What kind of change in the world would you want to create? And its that area and passion that will help you discover what you should be doing on this planet.