A Cinematic Love Letter to Space Exploration "The Sky is Calling Us"

From copywriter Nickolaus Sugai and interaction designer Lauren Geschke comes this poignant video poetry, a kind of love letter to NASA posing a difficult question that we as a culture and a society must answer.

We once dreamt of open sails 
and open seas
We once dreamt of new frontiers 
and new lands
Are we still a brave people?
Somewhere along the way 
we forgot to look up
we forgot to wonder
we forgot to imagine
we forgot to dream.
When history writes about us
what will they say?
Will they say they watched the masses huddle idly 
and weak voices whispering apathy?
Or will they say that we turned the 
question marks that loom over this 
generation into declarative periods?
A statement that shouts, “We will not
choose to sit idly while the cosmos moves on!”
The sky is indifferent. For I have never seen it cry.
It will not wait for us, so we must go to it.
Because if we ignore the cause of the sky,
who then will draw the maps of the universe?