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Larry Page: A Heartfelt and "a Healthy Disregard for the Impossible"

“It’s often easier to make progress when you’re really ambitious, and, the reason is, you actually don’t have any competition – no one else is willing to try those things – and you also get the best people, because, the best people want to work on the most ambitious things. […] There’s tremendous things that are possible in the world through technology, and we have relatively few people in the world working on those things. We’re not developing a lot of new scientists and engineers. It’s probably well under one percent of the population in most developed countries… “

Caltech Crafts Gingerbread Mars Rover

via LAWEEKLY: “Crafted by Kevin Isacsson, head chef of the Athaneum, the Pasadena university’s private dining club, the rover features pinwheel cookie wheels connected with black licorice, sugared Lego “gears” and gumdrop and M&M “buttons.”

In a nod to the multi-million-dollar expense of the original craft, the top is scattered with chocolate gold coins. A shades-wearing Santa sits aloft amid candy canes and lollipops. Hanging out on the Martian surface, which is made up of real rocks and rock crystal sugar dusted with cinnamon and brown sugar, are Yoda, Darth Vader, Buzz Lightyear and a three-eyed red Martian.

Caltech manages the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which built the rover that is currently exploring the Red Planet. JPL lent Isacsson a model of Curiosity to help him craft the cake version, which took about 10 days. Isacsson has created a gingerbread structure each holiday season for the last eight years he’s been at Caltech, but this was his first “scientific” mission.”

"Stillness", Mansur Hallaj, translated by Mahmood Jamal

Stillness, then silence, then random speech,
then knowledge, intoxication, annihilation;

Earth, then fire, then light,
coldness, then shade, then sunlight.

Thorny road, then a path, then the wilderness.
River, then ocean, then the shore;

contentment, desire, then Love.
Closeness, union, intimacy;

closing, then opening, then obliteration,
separation, togetherness, then longing;

signs for those of real understanding
who find this world of little value.