Oh hell yeah. Mars to Stay! Traitors Return to Earth!!

“Traitors Return to Earth formed in July of 2010 for one reason and one reason only, that is to play the heaviest music possible at the most unreasonable volumes. The band is influenced heavily by Sleep, Electric Wizard, High on Fire, YOB, Sons of Otis, Weedeater and many more.”

Bandcamp page: http://traitorsreturntoearth.bandcamp.com/

Mars to Stay cover art

“This UK duo Mars to Stay slowly takes importance as a new slowcore band to follow attentively. There is something moving, desperate and melancholic which reminds me of a more restrained version of The Pine, as both singers put heart and soul in their interpretation without using a too emotional layout, letting you imagine all the darkness behind their vocals instead of pouring it out. Both tracks are memorable and captivating, leaning once again towards Low, Duster or even Empress, Movietone, Bluetile lounge or Songs of Green Pheasant. Superb.”

Bandcamp page: http://marstostay.bandcamp.com/