io9 Article on Space Themed Storytelling

io9, a daily publication that covers science, science fiction, and the future has published a fun thought provoking article on space themed storytelling. 
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Why Adding “In Space” Makes It Better

Everybody always says that every story idea has been done before – which is totally not true, because nobody’s done a “nuns raise an ostrich to be the perfect killer” story before. But even if a story idea has been done to death, you can always make it fresh and brilliant all over again, by adding just two little words: “in space.”
Science fiction fans have known this forever, but it’s time that everybody was told. There is no genre, no type of story, no set of story beats, that cannot be improved by adding “in space.” It bears the same relation to storytelling that “in bed” does to fortune cookies. And we’ve got the proof, right here.