"Mars Has Arrived", Mission Coordination by Jonathon Keats

“The minerals, including pyroxene and ulvospinel and pigeonite, will be used by your body to make bone and tissue. Exploring Mars in this way, you’ll start to go native.”¬†
Conceptual Artist Jonathon Keats, referring to LASA’s “Martian Mineral Water,” says, “What’s important for me is that we set a precedent, and I believe that we’ve done that by demonstrating that exploring Mars is as easy as people are willing to let it be. In fact, we may have set two precedents: As Martian hybrids, those potatoes are the first alien life forms ever detected. And they’re not on some Goldilocks planet orbiting Gliese 581. They’re right here in California.”
“I think the mineral water may be an antidote for the madness we exhibit living on this planet. What is most revolutionary about Martian mineral water as a vehicle of exotourism is that it not only gives you a genuine Martian experience but also makes Mars a part of you. You’ll become a hybrid Martian/Earthling, a universal alien. If we became a bit alien, we might be able to discover more in common.”

A reception for LASA’s exotourism bureau lands Oct. 21 at San Francisco’s Modernism Gallery. Interested human exotourists can buy even a bottled Martian mineral water, if they want to go transhuman.