Astronauts with Personality — Please!! …Following the Mars Society Convention 2010: STURGISSSSS!!

Immediately after the Mars Society Convention we’re going to Sturgis to party, drink hell and shoot machine guns — depending upon how much money we have left after whiskey. If you don’t have a bike — no problem. You can rent from a Harley dealer in Ohio or on the way. We’re camping along the side of the road. Basically, this is a balls reenforcement project for Men who are WORKING HARD to see humans on Mars in their lifetime. If you want to go incognito that can be arranged (for example, if you are James Cameron)…no women invited. They will meet us in Sturgis.

Rebels only.

It’s not personal, #ItsNotYouItsDefinitelyUs. If you’re tired of marriage to or dating a passive characterless ass-kissing academic limp-dicked system-worm give him a few days riding under the stars to Sturgis. We’re ramping testosterone among advocates of Humans to Mars. It’s become a requirement of our passionless world. This is an unsanctioned event without supervision very intentionally fatal to betas. Have bail ready.

Update: get a motorcycle license now from your local Harley dealer following a two day lesson for less than $200.
Since artists interested in promoting ‘humans to Mars’ are of any gender, it is encouraged that women either form a girls-trip to Sturgis or meet us there. In theory it would be possible to meet periodically along the way, but, that would be unlikely. Impossible, in fact. If you look like Angelina Jolie you could try, but it still won’t help. There’ll be enough women along the way.

Google Search:
“Masculate” 14,900 results.
“Emasculate” 309,000.  This is part of the problem.

(If you show up with anything other than a Harley or KTM 950 Adventure you’ll be disinvited. No exceptions. That includes you and your bullshit Triumph Angelina.)

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