What would Zheng He do?

Lunar Astronaut Buzz Aldrin came out in favor of the HEROIC “Mars to Stay” mission architecture!

They need to go there more with the psychology of knowing that you are a pioneering settler and you don’t look forward to go back home again after a couple a years,” Aldrin said. But that’s not to say they’ll never return to Earth. Years down the line, there may be the opportunity for a return mission, depending on technological advancements. “At age 30, they are given an opportunity. If they accept, then we train them, at age 35, we send them. At age 65, who knows what advances have taken place. They can retire there, or maybe we can bring them back.”

The full article may be read at Universe Today:

Zheng He was the 13th Century HEROIC Chinese admiral of the largest expeditionary fleet assembled for hundreds of years following his time. Shortly after his death the ships which had carried him to Africa, India, and beyond were burned in their docks by a new reactionary Ming emperor. Within a hundred years Christopher Columbus had discovered America and China began its slow decline into tribute to foreign powers.
In China, 11 July is Maritime Day (中国航海日), devoted to the memory of Zheng He’s first voyage. For more about Zheng He, please visit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zheng_He

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