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Suggestions for Improving…or, "if you want to learn to draw — draw, draw, draw."

Interesting article:

“Every day you are slowly reinventing yourself into the person/artist you’re going to be in ten years. Keep this in mind.”

“Generally speaking, if you are young and male, trust your opinions about your work a little less, you aren’t as good as you think. If you are a woman of any age,  you’re usually a little better than you give yourself credit for. This isn’t an exact thing, but psychologically, this seems to be how it works.”

“As a last comment, I would stress how important drawing is. Painting is an extension of drawing. If you don’t draw well, you will not paint well. Master drawing and you can do anything you want with it. It is the most fundamental skill in all the visual arts and is an asset to every visual artist. “