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First International Day of the Girl

Important reasons for Mars settlement stem from the cultural change millions of people living on another planet will catalyze here on Earth – simply by the fact of their thriving as a robust vibrant civilization on Mars. Settlements will need to educate every person to their fullest potential. Anticipation of such a society through depictions in film, concept art, mission plans, business proposals, fiction writing, etc., reenforces progressive cultural change now, here on Earth.

Iconic Images of Human Rights Violations

Twitter via @verabee: “Reading about Somalia makes talking about comics seem very very trivial.

A vulture intentionally landed behind this girl; the photographer Kevin Carter scared it off.

No one knows what happened to the girl.

“The sound of soft, high-pitched whimpering near the village of Ayod attracted the photographer Kevin Carter to this emaciated Sudanese toddler. The girl had stopped to rest while struggling to a feeding center, whereupon a vulture had landed nearby. He said that he waited about 20 minutes, hoping the vulture would spread its wings. It didn’t. Carter snapped the haunting photograph and chased the vulture away.

The UN started to distribute corn and women of the village came out of their wooden huts to meet the plane. The parents of the children were busy taking food from the plane so they had left their children only briefly while they collected the food. This was the situation for the girl in the photo taken by Carter. A vulture landed behind the girl. To get the two in focus, Carter approached the scene very slowly so as not to scare the vulture away and took a photo from approximately 10 metres. He took a few more photos and then the vulture flew off.”

A year later Carter’s suicide note read:
“I am depressed … without phone … money for rent … money for child support … money for debts … money!!! … I am haunted by the vivid memories of killings and corpses and anger and pain … of starving or wounded children, of trigger-happy madmen, often police, of killer executioners … I have gone to join Ken [recently deceased colleague Ken Oosterbroek] if I am that lucky.”

Fantastic political blog with iconic images of human rights violations:

Pulitzer Prize for Feature Photography (since 1968):

The Power of Art: There is Hope for Everyone

No one is born cool, not even Willie (notice he is laughing in the picture on the right).  If you went to a high-school designed by Satan — like most — move to Austin, San Francisco, or Greenwich Village — or just travel, get away…for a long time.  You are cooler than you think; your high-school classmates will remain exactly the same. Take care of your brain — your physical neurons — and your muses will take care of you.
It takes a long time to become young. 

"Tilikum" New Thrash Death Metal Band


“When you do make a difference is when you individually champion something that you have passion for in your heart. And that can be anything from protecting animals from domestic harms — like, chickens, pigs, or cows — or it can be protecting get whales or the orangoutangs, or protecting a habitat that they live in.  All of those little things is what makes a movement. A movement is one of diversity, and, its these individuals all over the world, hundreds of thousands of them, that are really making these changes.” Captain Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd International

Imprisoning intelligent mammals in tanks for entertainment is medieval and just plain weird. As protest I’m starting a new thrash death metal band called Tilikum, in honor of an Orca enslaved by criminals at Sea World.  Not only are such conditions torturous for these animals they impart a distorted understanding of Nature to the audience, leaving them with the impression wildlife is (1) not wild and (2) unendangered. Nothing good comes from this carnival whatsoever.

“I’m amazed when I’m asked, ‘how can you ask people to risk their lives to save a whale’? I’m amazed when they ask that question.  We don’t ask that question when we are sending people over to defend some sheik’s oil well in Iraq. We give benefits for that. […]  To risk your life to protect an endangered species, to risk your life to protect a habitat, to risk your life to protect another human being, or to risk your life to protect another sentient being on this planet — that is worth dying for.”

“In our world today, it is considered by the powers to be, to be one of the most insidious crimes: the crime of compassion…because it undermines everything they stand for.” Captain Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd International

Captain Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd International, YouTube

Sea Shepherd International

Power of Art: Let’s Draw Endangered Species!

[scan of 1998 poster made by unknown artist]
As artists we can tell stories relating the problems of endangered species through animated films, illustrations, and projects of all kinds to humanity worldwide.  We can create endearing, lovable characters based upon species which need our help now. We can use our skills to make humans raised with such characters — as their childhood friends — incapable of destroying their habitats, wearing their skins, or not loving them in any way! : ) Whoo hooo!
One small part of the solution.
The idea is, if you can draw, paint, or render a cool character based upon an endangered species — and would like to post it online to publicize your illustration and narrative skills (while still retaining copyright to your work) — please send us an image!  Tell us about the personal history of your character, a bit of imaginative background story, and a bit about yourself and your inspiration.
We’ll post characters and stories as often as possible. Hopefully this will turn into something larger than a blog, with broader lasting impact like Sketchtravel or Tortoro Forest.
We’ll be around for a long time, so, maybe you or a group of your friends and colleagues met through similar interests and styles shared in work seen here, will, perhaps, create films, children’s books, and similar projects with cool characters which might help to save endangered species. Maybe ten to fifteen years from now there will have been a few blockbuster films which contributed to funding a wildlife refuge, renovated a zoo or two, and maybe started a few wildlife reintroduction programs.
It can be done. We have the skills.

Where is the Art? Marijuana and Lost Friends

How did it become artistic to get high? It is hard to imagine Da Vinci as a pothead. Drugs are a cheap way for untalented poseurs, curators, and hangers-on to purchase the aura of “artistic” without producing a single work of meaningful bold imagination.

As Anthony Kiedis said, “It’s easy to be a junkie. It’s not easy to be one of the greatest guitar players of all time, or one of the greatest writers.”

Marijuana makes you stupid, lethargic, paranoid, irrational, schizophrenic, emasculated, passive, complacent, and easily ruled. It is not the drug of revolutionaries; it is the drug of frat boys and social incompetents who have nothing in common with each other except marijuana.

Da Vinci would have been curious about the effects of various activities on his mind. With marijuana and most drugs this curiosity can be answered through observation: where is the art??? Where are genius potheads?

With a clear mind you will have confidence the flights of your imagination are empowered by genius, the breath of God, insightful and bold — rather than self-censored by doubts about their chemical origin.

Protect your neurons; take care of your physical brain. Nurture your physical mind — your neurological system — with sleep, exercise, healthy nutrition, optimism, travel, friends, joy, sunlight, and Kindness.

Unfortunately many artists use the drug culture to project an aura of coolness — while in fact they themselves do not use any drugs whatsoever. For example, a brilliant inspiring author (albeit of “horoscopes” in their most broad literary form), writes on his website:

“I was peeved that so few of “the antennae of the race” had enough courage to blow their own minds with psychedelics. How could you explode the consensual trance unless you poked your head over onto the other side of the veil now and then?

Pot, hashish, and LSD were very good to me (never a single bad trip), but their revelations were too hard to hold onto. As I came down from a psychedelic high, I could barely translate the truths about the fourth dimension into a usable form back in normal waking awareness.

The problem was that unlike the other techniques on the list, psychedelics bypassed my willpower. Their chemical battering ram simply smashed through the doors of perception. No adroitness or craft was involved on my part. One of my meditation teachers referred to drug use, no matter how responsible, as “storming the kingdom of heaven through violence.”

Gradually, then, I ended my relationship with the illegal magic. Instead I affirmed my desire to build mastery through hard work. Dream interpretation, meditation, and tantric exploration became the cornerstones of my practice.” (

Amazingly Brezsny goes on to write on page 21 of his book Pronoia, “I had not ingested (and still have not as of this writing) a single mind-altering substance, even marijuana, since 1985.” Why not state this clearly, upfront, as a straightforward guide to future artists?

Why is it so difficult for artists to say clearly, “Hey, I don’t do drugs. I don’t need them. You probably don’t either; they’ll almost certainly make you a worse artist. Nothing has destroyed more potential in our generation than marijuana. Protect your Mind. Rewire your brain with Kindness, not chemicals.”

Rather than militarize our society while providing the false veneer of ‘hip counter-culture rebel’ to paranoid poseurs, privileged dilettantes, and salaried weekend warriors (who need self-medication to survive dream-crushing careers), we should end this false revolution of the anti-imaginative class: all drugs must be legal.

There is nothing cool about getting high; there is nothing rebellious or counter-cultural about using a roadside weed to become a pothead. Marijuana makes you incredibly stupid and does nothing whatsoever to improve your imagination. If you want to go to an idiot parade, watch a NORML march…no kidding, truly unbelievable. Go to a NORML march before becoming a pothead, please. (Many of my friends would be marching if they could wake up and remember the date.)

For an articulate alternative point of view, the comedian Bill Hicks frequently defended drug use as inspirational. Most people though do not take drugs for inspiration; they are not remotely capable of broadening their minds, they are not revolutionary, they definitely cannot retain a single meaningful interesting concept from the supposedly novel experience of smoking marijuana. Most artists were exceptional in elementary school. Long before experiencing drugs they experienced inspiration as a gift. Only then, long after, did some became fat angry drunks and has-been potheads.  2¢

Chemically induced light-trails are not enlightening; hallucinations are not Ideas.  Let uncreative poseurs trip on their crutches.  Artists only need hearts filled with the breath of God.

‎”All the great writers were alcholics. [This is untrue!] Where are the great pothead writers? I’m sure they’re out there but do really want to read a whole book by a pothead? 500 pages on why if you put a hat and glasses on a dog he looks like he could drive a truck.” Dave Attell

Lead singer for the rock band Kiss, Gene Simons, has the courage to speak out against fake Muses, “I have never been drunk or high in my life. I have never smoked a cigarette and do not stay in the same room as people smoking.”

An alternative point of view: “We have a lot of really bad prejudices about marijuana, and we need to expose them as a society, because they’re holding a lot of people back – I know they held me back. They made me – until I was thirty years old I thought pot was for idiots. A lot of people do. And it’s important to let them know, not only is it not for idiots, it’s a tool. You can use it. It can benefit you. This is not a benign substance – it’s slippery, like all other psychoactive substances if you are on the wrong path mentally, you can go off the deep end with it. Like everything else. Like alcohol or anything else.” Joe Rogan, JRE Podcaast #807

Gendercide: The War on Baby Girls

The Economist headlined as their cover story an article titled “Gendercide: The War on Baby Girls,” the most important take-away being: cultural appreciation for the value of girls rather than economic development prevents gendercide:
“It affects rich and poor; educated and illiterate; Hindu, Muslim, Confucian and Christian alike. Wealth does not stop it. Taiwan and Singapore have open, rich economies. Within China and India the areas with the worst sex ratios are the richest, best-educated ones.”
“In the 1990s South Korea had a sex ratio almost as skewed as China’s. Now, it is heading towards normality. It has achieved this not deliberately, but because the culture changed. Female education, anti-discrimination suits and equal-rights rulings made son preference seem old-fashioned and unnecessary.” [I’m not a Christian fundamentalist psycho — and hardly understand what Christianity even means — but it is worth noting South Korea is now more “Christian” than Europe and most parts of the United States; this may be a factor.]
“And all countries need to raise the value of girls. They should encourage female education; abolish laws and customs that prevent daughters inheriting property; make examples of hospitals and clinics with impossible sex ratios; get women engaged in public life—using everything from television newsreaders to women traffic police. Mao Zedong said “women hold up half the sky.” The world needs to do more to prevent a gendercide that will have the sky crashing down.”

If You Want Muses, Have Opinions

If you want to know what attracts Muses, it is standing for something.
Rough edges make people tractable. Present. Alive.
Your Life is a Force; force others to recognize It.
Lean your shoulders into them.
Respect Yourself: do not only serve others;
you are part of the equation.
Become energy motivated by ideas.
Like moths to light Muses will swarm.
Come out swinging. Artists are not politicians.
We are Forces to which others react.
Become a vehicle for your own Spirit.
Believe in yourself. Have an opinion, make it known.

(That said…even ‘god’ spoke (metaphorically) to Elijah with a “still, small voice.” Boorish, crude, inflexible and uninformed opinions will make you even less attractive to Muses than the archenemies: untalented cowards who distract them, poseurs.)

Ironically the more you seek approval by being nice, polite, diplomatic — the tighter you clamp a lid down on energy which might actually draw Muses to you. Once you have domesticated your interests — there is little about you to attract anyone’s attention. If you do not want to offend, you will certainly have nothing to say.
Your pictures may be pretty — they may be profitable — but accolades will pass as the institutions supporting you move on.  And because your work is completely meaningless, spiritless, and without character, it will be forgotten. Nothing in your life will have lasting impact or importance.
Intellectual cowardice — domesticated art — kills Muses. They cannot tolerate it. For their sake, become a force of nature: speak up!  Strong orgasms do not occur without strong emotions; Muses exist in a realm of precognition, you cannot reason them into ecstasy. ( I like writing charming bright cheerful children’s stories to educate the next generation; they don’t need to know what an orgasm is — you do.)

…………………………………………….Sports are for Idiots…………………………………………….

“This is a young lady not watching a football game, not watching a basketball game — she is watching exploration live from thousands of miles away and it’s just dawning on her what she’s seen — when you get a jaw drop you can inform. You can put so much information into that mind it’s in full recept mode — this I hope will be a future engineer or a future scientist in the battle for Truth.” Quoted from this fascinating YouTube video on new technologies for deep-sea exploration (17:20):
Amen! Why do so many people spend their lives watching grown men with balls play together in stadiums subsidized by taxpayers? Why do we teach our children this waste of humanity is acceptable, much less worth accolades? (Let’s not even start discussing the single worst economic decision Americans make, repeatedly, throughout their lives — their choice in automobiles: pickup trucks, sports cars, and SUVs. New too, of course. How much education, travel, and peace-of-mind has been exchanged for vehicles, debt, and enterslavement?)
Ok this blog is often over-the-top rhetorically…sports are important for exercise and development of leadership, teamwork, and cooperation  2¢