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Mars Artists YouTube Channel Now Broadcasting to a Happening Screen Near You…

The Mars Artists YouTube Channel is up and running with an eleven part presentation given by historically influential space artists at the last convention of the International Mars Society (University of Maryland, College Park, 2009). The coolest part of our channel thus far is its new icon, a “collage of babies” smelling an orange rose…not exactly what one would think of when reflecting upon Mars, hopefully. Enjoy!

(Oh! And after updating the Mars Society’s YouTube Channelaesthetics and after publishing 72 new videos, subscriptions jumped 4,900 percent and friends increased 6,500 percent!! –Well…we only had 4 friends and 5 subscriptions but at least now we are on our way to gaining Partnership Status with YT!! Whoowhoo!! …The astonishing thing to note, though, is that even premier channels have merely a few thousand friends and subscribers. With 10 years of superb video to be published from our archives we will soon surpass them! Innnnnndeed.)

What would Zheng He say? "TRAITORS RETURN TO EARTH!"


Lunar Astronaut Buzz Aldrin came out in favor of the HEROIC “Mars to Stay” mission architecture! Thank God!!
They need to go there more with the psychology of knowing that you are a pioneering settler and you don’t look forward to go back home again after a couple a years,” Aldrin said. But that’s not to say they’ll never return to Earth. Years down the line, there may be the opportunity for a return mission, depending on technological advancements. “At age 30, they are given an opportunity. If they accept, then we train them, at age 35, we send them. At age 65, who knows what advances have taken place. They can retire there, or maybe we can bring them back.” The full article may be read at Universe Today:

Zheng He was the 13th Century HEROIC Chinese admiral of the largest expeditionary fleet assembled for hundreds of years following his time. Shortly after his death the ships which had carried him to India, Africa, and beyond were burned in their docks by a new reactionary Ming emperor. Within a hundred years Christopher Columbus had sailed to America and China began its slow decline into tribute to foreign powers.
In China, 11 July is Maritime Day (中国航海日), devoted to the memory of Zheng He’s first voyage. For more about Zheng He, please visit:
Additional free designs and their authoring files may be found here:

Frustration with the Augustine Committee

The Augustine Committee seems to be embracing heavy lift but oriented toward a space program of lunar missions, with Mars seen as an eventual objective in the indeterminate future. This is a serious mistake. If anyone reading this blog ever wants Mars to be explored, much less settled, in their lifetime, America must not only develop a heavy lift vehicle such as the Space X Falcon 9, or the Ares 5, but, the program must be oriented specifically toward Mars — not the moon. The moon is a siren call. Mars is an entirely different environment capable of supporting human civilization en mass. With a 24 hour day, vast quantities of water, and all the essential elements found on Earth, Mars offers humanity a permanent second home. Martian exploration would use aeroshells, parachutes, and on site refueling; the thermal, pressure, and gravitational environments are entirely different between Mars and the Moon. Lunar equipment and procedures will not evolve into Mars missions.
Asteroid mining and Martian settlement will provide the engine humanity needs to sustain a permanently expanding frontier. Mars Direct is a low cost straightforward way to settle Mars. Now!
The Mars Society is an international organization committed to this moral imperative. Products with variations of the “Cowards Return to the Moon” theme can be purchased at cost from Factual Fiction’s online store.
While such a populist theme may seem blunt, rude, or whatever, over the last decade of involvement in space advocacy we’ve observed a remarkably consistent dichotomy between persons involved in the space community: old political timid bureaucrat predictably favor lunar exploration, with their excuse being “safety, proximity to earth”; bold young creative entrepreneurs OVERWHELMINGLY favor Mars Direct, with their rally cry being, “LET’S GO!”
This dichotomy is so consistent, obvious, and predictable a simple biological solution could change American space policy: testosterone replacement therapy. No kidding. It is time to view lunar exploration with disdain. Cowards return to the moon!!!!


Eric Machmer: Mars Artists Community

Enough is enough: artists can make Martian exploration and settlement favorable to languishing in LEO or cowardly returning to the moon…simply by making the coolest, most cutting-edge, professional space imagery — ENTIRELY — Mars-centric.
The idea is to establish a model library copyrighted solely for creation of Mars imagery — but, otherwise open to use by any contributing artist or studio. Since 3D modeling is extremely labor intensive an artists’ cooperative centered upon developing Martian vehicles, habitats, and astronauts, will lower the cost of high-quality creative iterations by artists taking advantage of free Mars Only models. With a library of easily modified Mars Only models, through trial and error of creative processes, Mars Only productions will evolve to be of higher-quality, more pervasive, expressive, and cool!
This is in addition to the self-selection of artists who realize a Mars-oriented space exploration program — NOW! — is much more desirable than one languishing in LEO or returning to the moon. Not only will the most informed artists work on Mars-Only models — but, they will work together for a greater cause: the promotion of Martian exploration and settlement over the bureaucratic intertia of dream-crushing Lunar/LEO bullshit.
Eventually we will have our own website, blog, and online Mars-Only library, but, in the meantime checkout and send us a message if you are interested in hearing more or contributing: