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Welcome Splash Image with Short Poem for Facebook’s Hafez Page

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An English language Facebook Page with more poetry may be viewed here:

(Facebook has a ‘Hefez’ Wikipedia Community page and dozens in Persian for him…but the only English language page uses ‘Hafiz’…and features none of his poetry…so….)

Started ‘Mars to Stay’ Facebook Page


Mars to Stay is the proposal that astronauts sent to Mars for the first time should stay there indefinitely, both to reduce mission cost and to ensure permanent settlement of Mars. Under a Mars to Stay mission architecture the first humans to travel to Mars will be composed of a six-person team. After this initial landing subsequent missions will raise the number of persons on the Martian surface to 30 within a few years, thereby beginning an organically evolving Martian settlement.


Since the Martian surface offers all the natural resources and elements necessary to sustain human society—unlike, for example the moon—a permanent Martian settlement is thought to be the most effective way to ensure humankind becomes a space-faring, multi-planet species. For more information, see: and of course… 

"Tilikum" New Thrash Death Metal Band


“When you do make a difference is when you individually champion something that you have passion for in your heart. And that can be anything from protecting animals from domestic harms — like, chickens, pigs, or cows — or it can be protecting get whales or the orangoutangs, or protecting a habitat that they live in.  All of those little things is what makes a movement. A movement is one of diversity, and, its these individuals all over the world, hundreds of thousands of them, that are really making these changes.” Captain Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd International

Imprisoning intelligent mammals in tanks for entertainment is medieval and just plain weird. As protest I’m starting a new thrash death metal band called Tilikum, in honor of an Orca enslaved by criminals at Sea World.  Not only are such conditions torturous for these animals they impart a distorted understanding of Nature to the audience, leaving them with the impression wildlife is (1) not wild and (2) unendangered. Nothing good comes from this carnival whatsoever.

“I’m amazed when I’m asked, ‘how can you ask people to risk their lives to save a whale’? I’m amazed when they ask that question.  We don’t ask that question when we are sending people over to defend some sheik’s oil well in Iraq. We give benefits for that. […]  To risk your life to protect an endangered species, to risk your life to protect a habitat, to risk your life to protect another human being, or to risk your life to protect another sentient being on this planet — that is worth dying for.”

“In our world today, it is considered by the powers to be, to be one of the most insidious crimes: the crime of compassion…because it undermines everything they stand for.” Captain Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd International

Captain Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd International, YouTube

Sea Shepherd International