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"Let’s Draw Endangered Species" Pinterespiration

Lets Draw Endangered Species, pre-previz by the best artists in animation collected to inspire your own stories and character designs. If working with animal-based characters consider using your talents to make endangered species known and lovable.  
This Pinterest Gallery compliments an otherwise long-term project: 

Eric Machmer: Kanon (花音) “flower sound” Nomad Jellyfish Rider from Taiji (太地町)

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“You don’t have to solve all the world’s problems. Pick out one that you feel
especially close to and concentrate on it.” (Seeger)

This is Kanon — which in Japanese means “flower sound”!  Isn’t that wonderful?? : )  She’s a proactive energetic hermit crab from Taiji fed up with misguided humans polluting her cove with blood from murdered dolphins. She’s headed out to drum up support — she’ll get it!

A serious flaw in “The Cove” was the lack of native Japanese anti-whaling and animal rights spokespersons. Disrespectful, angry 40 year old adolescents with soul patches from Malibu were offensive, embarrassing, and lethal.

Cetaceans are saved by including criticism of European killings in the Faroes, Iceland, and Norway — and dolphinariums throughout the world — rather than treating all Japanese complicit in Taiji murders.

This is the first in a series of characters associated with animal rights. Jaquita the Vaquita will be next — she’s a hoot!  Vaquitas (“little cows” in Spanish) are the rarest and most endangered species of marine mammal. There are only about 240 in the world.  They’re little tiny super cute dolphins which exist only in the upper Sea of Cortez in Northern Mexico.

The Mexican government has created a nature reserve covering the upper part of the Gulf of California and the Colorado River delta.  Our hope is this reserve will be extended southwards to cover the full known Vaquita range and that net trawlers will be completely banned from the reserve.

Sea Shepherd Art Show "Sea No Evil"


Check out Sea Shepherd’s Art Show: Sea No Evil — raising money for a worthy cause featuring donations from artists around the world (consider making contributions yourself in the future). For inspiration from afar enjoy these links to donators’ websites and previous years’ photos:

Also worth a look:

"Tilikum" New Thrash Death Metal Band


“When you do make a difference is when you individually champion something that you have passion for in your heart. And that can be anything from protecting animals from domestic harms — like, chickens, pigs, or cows — or it can be protecting get whales or the orangoutangs, or protecting a habitat that they live in.  All of those little things is what makes a movement. A movement is one of diversity, and, its these individuals all over the world, hundreds of thousands of them, that are really making these changes.” Captain Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd International

Imprisoning intelligent mammals in tanks for entertainment is medieval and just plain weird. As protest I’m starting a new thrash death metal band called Tilikum, in honor of an Orca enslaved by criminals at Sea World.  Not only are such conditions torturous for these animals they impart a distorted understanding of Nature to the audience, leaving them with the impression wildlife is (1) not wild and (2) unendangered. Nothing good comes from this carnival whatsoever.

“I’m amazed when I’m asked, ‘how can you ask people to risk their lives to save a whale’? I’m amazed when they ask that question.  We don’t ask that question when we are sending people over to defend some sheik’s oil well in Iraq. We give benefits for that. […]  To risk your life to protect an endangered species, to risk your life to protect a habitat, to risk your life to protect another human being, or to risk your life to protect another sentient being on this planet — that is worth dying for.”

“In our world today, it is considered by the powers to be, to be one of the most insidious crimes: the crime of compassion…because it undermines everything they stand for.” Captain Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd International

Captain Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd International, YouTube

Sea Shepherd International

Power of Art: Let’s Draw Endangered Species!

[scan of 1998 poster made by unknown artist]
As artists we can tell stories relating the problems of endangered species through animated films, illustrations, and projects of all kinds to humanity worldwide.  We can create endearing, lovable characters based upon species which need our help now. We can use our skills to make humans raised with such characters — as their childhood friends — incapable of destroying their habitats, wearing their skins, or not loving them in any way! : ) Whoo hooo!
One small part of the solution.
The idea is, if you can draw, paint, or render a cool character based upon an endangered species — and would like to post it online to publicize your illustration and narrative skills (while still retaining copyright to your work) — please send us an image!  Tell us about the personal history of your character, a bit of imaginative background story, and a bit about yourself and your inspiration.
We’ll post characters and stories as often as possible. Hopefully this will turn into something larger than a blog, with broader lasting impact like Sketchtravel or Tortoro Forest.
We’ll be around for a long time, so, maybe you or a group of your friends and colleagues met through similar interests and styles shared in work seen here, will, perhaps, create films, children’s books, and similar projects with cool characters which might help to save endangered species. Maybe ten to fifteen years from now there will have been a few blockbuster films which contributed to funding a wildlife refuge, renovated a zoo or two, and maybe started a few wildlife reintroduction programs.
It can be done. We have the skills.