Bobette Buster on Factual Fiction Storytelling

Bobette Buster on Bruno Bettleheim’s “The Uses of Enchantment”

“He had observed in the Holocaust that the children who had been taught the true Grimm fairy tales have been prepared for the fact that someday a wolf will come to your door, someday you will be thrown in an oven, and someday you will be lost in a forest. If you keep walking forward you will discover the courage to find your way. And there will come mentors and friends and allies and you will survive, and you will thrive.”

“John Lasseter and Ed Catmull said, ‘We finally understood what Pixar was about. They were willing to go to the dark side of any idea, in order to show the transformation of it to the opposite.”

“Guess what there is an inexorable force in the universe that will help. If you will keep going you will discover the faith, the courage, so that you can move on. And children will be psychologically prepared, ‘Okay, its true, some day we may all experience great rejection. Our children may put us in nursing homes, we will have broken hearts. And then we die.’ Okay? So film can tell you, not to take your value from that, but to love anyway. To take heart and to cherish each day.”