Inspiring Art-centric Work-Ethic! Lynn Johnston on Chiustream

Highlights: “There’s no place on Earth that you’re not going to learn – if you get an art job…whether its doing window displays or whether you’re working for a packaging firm, or whether you’re doing sketches for the local library’s read-a-book weekend [hmm… : ) ] you just learn with every turn of your career, no matter what you do.”

“It all comes down to hard work, there’s no other explanation for it…I went around the whole city of Hamilton with my baby on my back door-to-door talking with anybody who would give me a job…anybody. I went to libraries, I went to schools, I went to ad agencies, I went to art studios — anybody. Shops which sold art supplies, “Can you introduce me to somebody who will give me a job?” And every so often, somebody would give you some work and you get it to them on time, at a reasonable price, at less than they asked for – you’ll get another job, and then you’ll get bigger jobs and bigger jobs, and by the time I was looking at the artwork that I am doing now — I was hiring other artists to do things for me, huge things…”

“I think hard times are important but I also think that a solid work ethic is important and to not instill that in your children is a crime — because they need that, because, without the ability to show up on time, be reliable, produce, it doesn’t matter what you’re doing whether your selling furniture or driving a cab — you have to show up on time, you have to be reliable and produce.”

“When I was in art school I used to think if I got doped up I would suddenly be link to extreme creativity and everything would just be so easy! And I would go into these places where everybody was stoned, and I would think, “But you’re not doing anything?? You’re all sitting on the floor stoned, blissing-out listening to Ravi Shankar music and doing and doing sweet bugger all — and so I didn’t get stoned, because I couldn’t produce.”

Lynn’s “For Better or for Worse” comic site: