I’ll be friends!! Anonymous Secret Twitter Application


If you ever want to read the best in human writing open the prayer request book of a hospital chapel and expose yourself to the full human spirit.  Hospital prayer request books are filled with heart-wrenching pleadings and expressions of gratitude from all walks of life.  You’ll never read anything similar.  Souls desperate, broken, and thankful in ways we can never imagine write directly to God.

Read chapel prayer books in hospitals to jump in the deep end.  Do not think you can imagine what they say, go to a hospital and read one. Fact is definitely stranger than Fiction.

Occasionally I want to bug a church’s confessional. Still, though, that would be a preselected group, and, they wouldn’t necessarily be any more honest or forthcoming than humanity in other venues.  Thankfully the Anonymous Secret Twitter stream @SecretTweetis more efficient (…although there are dishonest posts with agendas, too). For me, most enlightening has been the number of people who are decent, and especially, are deeply truly in love with their soul-mates — contrary to the depiction of love by mainstream media.

“My 22nd birthday is next week. The only thing I wish for is a friend”

“Your smile and your presence is more powerful than you know.”

“Im agnostic but belong2church so I can sing in choir. It’s my only musical outlet n small town”