If You Want Muses, Have Opinions

If you want to know what attracts Muses, it is standing for something.
Rough edges make people tractable. Present. Alive.
Your Life is a Force; force others to recognize It.
Lean your shoulders into them.
Respect Yourself: do not only serve others;
you are part of the equation.
Become energy motivated by ideas.
Like moths to light Muses will swarm.
Come out swinging. Artists are not politicians.
We are Forces to which others react.
Become a vehicle for your own Spirit.
Believe in yourself. Have an opinion, make it known.

(That said…even ‘god’ spoke (metaphorically) to Elijah with a “still, small voice.” Boorish, crude, inflexible and uninformed opinions will make you even less attractive to Muses than the archenemies: untalented cowards who distract them, poseurs.)

Ironically the more you seek approval by being nice, polite, diplomatic — the tighter you clamp a lid down on energy which might actually draw Muses to you. Once you have domesticated your interests — there is little about you to attract anyone’s attention. If you do not want to offend, you will certainly have nothing to say.
Your pictures may be pretty — they may be profitable — but accolades will pass as the institutions supporting you move on.  And because your work is completely meaningless, spiritless, and without character, it will be forgotten. Nothing in your life will have lasting impact or importance.
Intellectual cowardice — domesticated art — kills Muses. They cannot tolerate it. For their sake, become a force of nature: speak up!  Strong orgasms do not occur without strong emotions; Muses exist in a realm of precognition, you cannot reason them into ecstasy. ( I like writing charming bright cheerful children’s stories to educate the next generation; they don’t need to know what an orgasm is — you do.)