EllieAndFriendsClub YouTube Channel ♫ ♪ ♫ ♩ ♪

What a pure pleasure…spent down time this week listening to hundreds of uplifting songs about inspiring women to create the Intergalactic Ellie Fan Club channel!  : )  Whoowhooo! (Not official Pixar — Ellie on film charms everyone; her Intergalactic Fan Club frankly doesn’t pull any punches. When it comes to female foeticide, burkas, genital mutilation, and all male anything — brace yourself — Ellification of the universe is a forgone conclusion.
(Bless you precious muses!! Art is Powerful. Hope this little μούσα-who-could finds you inspired and smiling! Special thanks to Emma Coats, Pete Docter, Bob Peterson, Ronnie del Carmen, and the entiré Pixar story crew for bringing this beautiful archetype to us!)